Fear of being worse

Fear of being worse

Its the only thing which you will find rare in professionalism. Whenever people get a chance to exploit the opportunity so they don’t even think now a days about being worse. Selling their services without accurate knowledge about the service and the work supposed to be done against that fee. Exaggerating about their skill-set which is being common in these days. Direct marketing is being easy and low quality as well. There are people who are silently offering their services for porn/nude/sex related websites but don’t feel shame for it. I don’t think that its something which need to be attached with religious aspect but at least with ethics. Anyways, i support the positive attitude towards exploiting opportunity. If there is a room, exploit it nicely and leave something for others. Don’t destroy the image, reputation, mindset which take decades to be changed if it has gone wrong. Being entrepreneur, i feel that its more like being a responsible person than a money making machine. Sometimes you have to take care of your delivered work without requested by the client. Sometimes it takes time to get proper understanding of the project and you need to spend more time on understanding than exactly working on it but still bearing all the cost. It all pays you back but a little wait for it. I have no hesitation to call those rotten minds as opportunists who are just misleading the market and taking it all as a fun. Being a good soul, we should have a fear of being worse and keep avoiding all those actions which push us towards being worse.


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